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Cindy reveals the reason why she dumped feminism

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has revealed the reason as to why she ditched feminism.

According to Cindy, she ditched feminism when it stopped fighting for women’s rights and instead focused on fighting against men.

Earlier this month, Cindy Sanyu’s Women’s Day message seemed to mock feminism as she claimed that the feminist movement is bound to leave several women sad, alone, and lonely.

“Since the other day, I was wondering what to tell women (Specifically) for women’s day so after a lot of thought this is my message to women. Unless you’re lesbian, don’t join the feminist movement, you will end up sad, alone, and lonely. No joke,” Cindy noted.

She then advised women to avoid falling victim to the movement unless they are lesbians. According to critics, Cindy was lashing out at her nemesis Sheebah Karungi who is a publicly known feminist.

The self-styled King Herself later cleared the air saying her message was not aimed towards anyone in particular, a statement she also recently reaffirmed.

During a recent interview with a local YouTuber, Cindy further stated that feminism was a good move when it started as it aimed at fighting for women’s rights but its initial goals were lost when it diverted focus from fighting for women’s rights to fighting for men instead.

“When feminism started, it was fighting for female rights but in the middle, it switched to fighting men and that is how I left. We can’t do without men and that is my big problem with feminism,” Cindy noted.

It should be noted that artists like Sheebah are proud feminists and she is bitter and negative about marriage.

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