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Chris Evans announces concert dates and venue

Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has joined the list of artists who are on course to hold music concerts before the year ends.

Ever since the nightlife economy was opened, several artists have been holding concerts and all of them have turned out successful with revelers showing up in large numbers.

The most recent one was that of Fik Fameica where fans were seen being chased to return home because the venue was packed to full capacity.

Soft-spoken singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has also announced plans of staging a concert come 29th October.

The concert dubbed “Another Lover Bikalubye” will be held at Freedom City where the B2C Kampala Boyz hosted theirs.

His concert will be organized by Abtex Promotions who is a veteran events organizer in the Ugandan music industry.

Chris Evans wrote on his Facebook saying, “It’s been a while. We are good to go.”

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