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Chameleone Reunited With Family in USA

Jose Chameleone was reunited with his wife Daniella Atim and their children at the UNAA Convention in San Francisco, USA over the weekend.

When Daniella Atim Mayanja rose up to fight against her in-laws and Weasel’s alleged violence a few weeks ago, many thought she had fallen out with the entire Mayanja family.

Rumors were spread about how she was fed up of their behaviour and had chosen to let her actions speak louder this time.

She fought vigorously in the cold battle as she called upon fellow feminists to fight for Sandra Teta’s justice after the latter allegedly being battered by Weasel.

That altercation seems to have passed now and so has her fury, if we are to go by the latest photos posted online.

In the photos we have looked at, Daniella seems quite happy around her husband Jose Chameleone and thei children.

It is reported that they reunited in the USA where Chameleone travelled to last week for a music tour.

The photos were taken at the UNAA Convention which happening over the weekend in San Francisco.

Chameleone’s family has been living in the USA since 2019.

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