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Chameleone and Ssematimba do not need new music – Bebe Cool

Big Size Bebe Cool has come out and say that legendary artists Jose Chameleone and Maddox Ssematimba do not need to release new music because what they have done is already enough for the music industry.

Maddox and Chameleone has for several years released timeless music and they have become legends of the industry to many people.

According to Bebe Cool, the two artists do not need new music to stay relevant in the industry because they have done a lot to be what they are right now.

“Maddox doesn’t need to go back to the studio. Give me any reason why Chameleone should hustle in the studio. They have music that will make them stay relevant for a lifetime,” Bebe Cool said.

Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and Maddox Ssematimba had a meet-up together recently at Comedy Store where they appreciated each other.

It is from here, where Bebe and Chameleone sung Maddox’s song Omuyimbi live as a sign of appreciation for what he has done for the industry.

Maddox released several songs including Omuyimbi, Nakatudde, Namagembe, Dembe among others and he is regarded as one the best artists in Uganda.

Meanwhile, Chameleone’s hit songs like Shida za Dunia, Kipepeo, Nekolera Maali, Mama Mia, Jamila among others up to now make many people stand up and dance.

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