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Buchaman reveals he doesn’t let his children go to Church

Ugandan singer-cum-presidential advisor Buchaman does not believe in religions and his children are not allowed to visit the church.

Is religion a big part of your life? Do you visit the church every Sabbath to pray and glorify God? Are your children following the same path?

As for Buchaman, real name Mark Bugembe, religion is only in place to erase the origin of the African traditions.

He believes in traditional African cultures and the native beliefs which his ancestors believed in, not the church and Christianity.

He is also raising his children along the same path of faith, to always prioritise their African traditions, norms, cultures, and faith.

I do not have a religion but my father is a Catholic, Christianity. Personally I have no religion and my kids don’t go to church because their church is within them.

The temple of the most high is within them because their souls live in Zion.

“Religion is disrespectful of a black man’s culture, it oversteps the cultural norms and beliefs,” Buchaman said.

In a TikTok video, he goes on to note that the traditional African gods can solve his problems better than a Pastor with whom he has no connection.

Buchaman urged parents to always ensure that they include traditional ways of living in the raising of their children and teach them their norms.

“When you glorify culture and norms, you will understand your origin, where you’re coming from and where you’re headed. It is good to teach your kids about cultures and traditions,” he further said.

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