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Bryan White Birthday Concert Dates Postponed

City socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White claims that he will set new return dates for his two-day birthday concert.

This comes after the cancellation of the much anticipated 11th and 12th May 2023 Birthday party at Kololo Independence Grounds by Uganda Police over unavoidable circumstances.

Dubbed the ‘Return Address of Bryan White,’ the two-day Kololo event was meant to reintroduce the ex-socialite and money bags to the public domain to celebrate his rebirth following the so many troubles and challenges that he had seen in the past.

Bryan White previously revealed how the money he is bound to return with is to last about four decades if he is only to use it to party and live a posh lifestyle and if well spent.

According to the pencil-sized socialite, the money will cater for his children and grandchildren.

Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyisigire, Bryan White’s two-day concert at Kololo is expected to attract a huge mass of people since it is free of charge which requires thorough preparations from the law enforcers.

He has henceforth been advised to reorganize and schedule new dates for the merry making.

Through his Social Media platforms, Bryan White has revealed how he will be re-organising fresh dates for his birthday party.

According to him, it will be going down at Kololo Independence Grounds with further communications yet to be known through a press conference.

“All shall be well let’s reorganize again still Kololo stands am a man of word! See u in my press conference soon as I confirm our new days for the event inconveniences are highly regretted to all my beloved funs around the country. Kololo ceremonial grounds still stands,” Bryan White said.

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