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Bruno K dumped Us, doesn’t pick our calls – Bawunya Boys cry out

Bawunya real dance crew members have revealed that singer Bruno K used and dumped them like a used CO**OM. I hope you remember Muwunya boys? They are now living a miserable life. One of them is called Empra and surely he is living in a sh*ty house. He says that Bruno K used them and collected a lot of money and eventually dumped them. Additionally, he adds that Bruno K blocked him after asking for help from him.

A quick one, Bawunya boys were humiliated by Alex Mukulu LIVE on stage when they had gone to showcase all they had at the YOLESA EKITONE. Alex Mukulu humiliated these boys while shouting at the top of his voice that Muwunya… Muwunya is a Luganda word that means you stink bad style.

This is when the general public got the sympathy for them and boom, singer Bruno K gave them a helping hand. He recorded a couple of songs with them and also changed their life style for a few months. However, it seems they didn’t utilize their chance thus Bruno K re-focusing on his career too.

In this they felt like the singer used them, neglected, ignored and dumped them like rubbish.

QN: Should we say that judge Alex Mukulu was right that they didn’t have talent? OR its something else, leave a comment in the comment section below and let us know your views.

The Bawunya Boys gained a lot of popularity at the time which saw them record a huge banger dubbed “Tuwunya” with Patrick Senyonjo aka fresh Kid

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