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Broke Pallaso’s Producer Eddie Dee Evicted from His House over 4M rent

Eddie Dee, the producer behind most of Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso’s hit songs has been evicted from his house over 7 months rent. According to the producer, he reveals that he is going through a very tough time at the moment. He says that apparently, he doesn’t have any money to clear up his rent. Eddie Dee is one of the most prominent producers in Uganda at the moment thanks to his talent and deep understanding of music.

He is no stranger in the industry as he has been around for close to 8 years now. His major breakthrough came in 2016 when he produced Pallaso’s viral ‘Happy Birthday’ jam.

He also revealed to Sabula Ug that singer Pallaso has distanced from him as he no longer answers his phone calls. Eddie has therefore called upon all the artists he has worked with to come to his rescue.

Eddie Dee’s cry out goes out to all those who can give him a hand to do so because he surely needs to solve his problems.

According to the landlord, he demands Eddie Dee rent for a full year worth 4M Ugx. However, he also revealed that he has been a good tenant for the last six years therefore he decided to lock up his office.

Eddie Dee also plans to sell off his car because he is now swimming in debts.

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