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Bobi Wine Urges Fans To Support Both Pallaso And Alien Skin

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has urged Ugandans to come out and support artists Pallaso and Alien Skin in big numbers.

The two artists organized concerts on the same date on Friday June 9th.

Alien Skin’s Sitya Danger will be at Freedom City while Pallaso’s Love Fest will take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

According to Bobi Wine, both artists deserve love and support on their concerts.

“Tomorrow 9th June, two of our vibrant artistes are hosting their concerts. ALIEN SKIN is a true representation of the Ghetto and THAT IS WHO WE ARE. We owe him support, love and guidance.” “PALLASO is my good friend and I owe him love. In 2018 at my darkest- when I was abducted, tortured and held by the military, he was among the few artistes who used their music to call for my freedom. I will never forget that.”

“I wish him a good concert. Kampala has so many people that can fill both venues – Freedom City and Lugogo. It has happened before. Dear friends, please go out and support your choice. Just don’t stay home,” Bobi Wine posted.

It should be noted that the King of the East Pallaso started talking about his concert at the beginning of the year 2023. He has spent so many months preparing for and looking forward to having it.

No other concert was put on the same date as that one of Pallaso something that was promising one of the most successful concerts this year.

Unfortunately he couldn’t control his emotions, he ended up fighting wign Alien Skin something that is now costing him.

Alien Skin said he was beaten for no reason because he has never been friends nor enemies with Pallaso. He promised to revenge and he did it by staging a concert on the same date.

Holding a concert is a very hard thing to do. The scare is normally around the numbers and filling the venue you have chosen. Very rarely do we measure the success of a concert based on the revenues collected from the said concert, but more on the numbers which very often are measured by the aerial shots of the venue. Often times, even the curtain raisers may not matter, nor do the costumes or band.

A bit of attention is paid to the production, stage and lighting but the bulk is on the numbers. Often times an argument is placed on target audiences and how both show can survive because we have different audiences.

The question now stands, whose audience are you going to be a part of come Friday?

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