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Big Eye advises Kenzo to resign from UMNF president

It looks like the war between Big Eye and Eddy Kenzo is yet to come to an as the former has aimed yet another attack against the latter.

The Sula Indicator hit maker has claimed that Eddy Kenzo is not fit to be his leader because he has no qualifications to be the president in the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He called for his resignation and advised him to hand over the office to other competent artists.

Kenzo was appointed the president of the newly formed Uganda Musicians National Federation (UMNF) but it came along with strong criticism from fellow artists.

Big Eye claimed that he is already looking for other musicians to join him in the campaign to unseat Kenzo from office.

“Kenzo doesn’t have qualifications to become the President of the Federation because he has failed the industry,” Big Eye said.

He further accused Eddy Kenzo of being selfish noting that he does not wish well for fellow musicians and the industry at large and that there is nothing positive he has ever done for the business.

“He doesn’t wish other musicians well and it’s better if he resigns from the position,” he added.

Big Eye is not the only artist to have come out and trashed Eddy Kenzo’s presidency as it should be recalled that artists like John Blaq and Carol Nantongo also doubted his competence.

The federation will focus on growth and creating new opportunities for musicians and stakeholders in the Ugandan music industry.

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