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‘Being in a music group drains’ – Semakula

Veteran artist Mesach Semakula has broken the silence on why he decided to go solo after failed Eagles Production.

Semakula formed a music group with fellow singer Geoffrey Lutaaya dubbed the Eagles Production.

Eagles Production was established in the 2000s, and its core members included the late Fred Maiso, Mesach Semakula, Fred Seruga, Ronald Mayinja, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Catherine Kusaasira, and others.

Despite the fact that Eagles Production was the best band music group in the country, there were inner wars that in the end prompted their demise. Lutaaya established De Nu Eagles with his wife Irene Namatovu, and others going solo.

The singers kept it a secret since no one revealed the real reason for their split. After years of silent, Mesach Semakula has decided to open up and why Eagles production failed and his decision to go solo.

Semakula revealed their split was prompted by finances. They reached a time where they couldn’t maintain some musicians with the little pay given to them hence letting them go.

“With time, being in a music group became draining and too much work. For example, Maureen now has children, and the same amount of money we paid her long ago is not enough now due to her increased demands. In the long run, it became clear that the group thing was not working out,” Mesach Semakula said.

Semakula is set to thrill his fans at his upcoming concert dubbed “Mesach@46”. The show will happen on May 19, 2023 at Kampala Serena Hotel.

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