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Bebe Cool reconciles with Captain Namara

Following a scuffle between singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Afande Captain Namara where the former claimed that the latter almost “shot him” in Ntinda, the two have at last made peace.

Bebe Cool through his socials explained that he met Mr. Namara at the hospital where he had been bedridden and they talked about the saga before deciding to forgive each other for whatever went wrong.

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The “Wire Wire” singer claimed that he made peace with Mr. Namara because he prayed and fasted in the past Ramadhan period.

During the five days of fasting, Bebe said that his mind was transformed into forgiving all those that have wronged him.

He explained that with the recent incident, he remembered what he fasted for thus making up his mind to settle his misunderstanding with Mr. Namara amicably.

Bebe Cool therefore asked his lawyers to withdraw the case that they had filed against Capt. Namara.


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