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Banjo Man appreciates his wife for accepting to marry him

Singer Henry Ssentamu aka Banjo Man has come out and heaped praises on his wife for accepting to marry him yet he’s not handsome.

He went on to thank her for blessing him with beautiful kids despite his ugly looks.

Banjo Man extended his appreciation by posting on his Facebook page to celebrate his wife’s birthday and he out all his emotions.

Once upon time I met Betty in highschool, she was so hardworking, Clever and loving not mentioning her beauty. It began like a jock and as I speak, we have four clever, hardworking kids.
It’s obvious that you can’t describe my face to be handsome but I have handsome and beautiful kids anyway.
Thanks Betty and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,” Banjo Man posted.

He is one of the several sons of the late J.W. Ssentamu. Just like several of his brothers. Banjo Man made his name through music, a talent he says was introduced to the family by his mother.

The Ssentamu family is such a large one and consists of many nationally recognized talented figures including Bobi Wine, Chairman Nnyanzi, Eddy Yawe, Mickie Wine, Daxx Vibes, among others.

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