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Azawi set to hold Maiden Concert in July

Swangz Avenue raising Star Zawede Priscilla aka Azawi has announced her maiden concert will take place on 2nd July 2022 at Lugogo grounds. 

Azawi who first hit the airwaves with Quinamino in January 2020 confirmed she wants to hold a show for her fans who have supported her for three years. 

“3 years of work packed in one evening of magic, vibes only, no bad energy but party mood only,” she tweeted. 

Azawi has built her brand as one of the biggest rising stars in East Africa and Africa at large. 

Her album “African Music” has won for her love across the continent. 

For the three years, Azawi has dominated the country’s airwaves with songs such as “Quinamino”, “Repeat it”, “Lofit”, “My year”, “Party Mood”, and “Majje” among others. 

She is also one of the most booked musicians in the Country.

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