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Allan Hendrik strikes King Saha again in ‘Story ya Semanda’

Allan Hendrik Ssali has taken his battle with King Saha on another level after releasing yet another song attacking the Mulirwana hit maker.

In his new song titled “Story ya Semanda”, Allan Hendrik narrates all the vices of a man called Semanda. Netizens believe it’s directed to King Saha whose real name is Mansur Semanda.

Just a few weeks ago, Gagamel singer Allan Hendrik a.k.a Paper Daddy released a song titled “Matayo” which raised a few eyebrows.

The song dropped a few months after King Saha’s song “Zakayo” which was believed to be an indirect attack towards Hendrik’s father Bebe Cool.

Hendrik took matters in his own hands with “Matayo” in which he sang about a man who wasted time smoking weed and disrespecting his elders.

Just like in ‘Matayo’, Hendrik delivers a cryptic message through the lyrics of his new song “Story ya Semanda”.

He sings about a boy who dropped out of school because of drugs and now lives a very undesirable life.

Hendrik then advises Semanda to be very careful with how he lives his life or he risks going to the grave early because of deug abuse.

He then says that Semanda is anyone who smokes weed, abuses big people, sells sex, denies pregnancies, misuses school fees, batters women, among other things.


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