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All we know about Lynda Ddane Video 2022

Hello Sabula Uganda followers, today we are going to kinda highlight more about the trending video of NTV’s the Beat Presenter Lynda Ddane. For starters, Lynda Ddane is a fashionista from Uganda and media personality who has developed her career from scratch. There is a lot that has been going on in the media about Lynda, however, we had decided to keep mute about this whole saga.

A lot of people including our great social media in-laws have sent us messages requesting for the video linked to the NTV the Beat presenter. Therefore, we as Sabula Ug decided to use this article to provide the best answer to all your questions regarding the Lynda Ddane video 2022.

Lynda Uwamahoro Ddane alias Lynda Ddane was born on 25th October, 1994 with a Rwandan heritage. She is a radio show host and TV star. The b00tylicious star rose through a tough hustle after her amazing breakthrough at Urban Television hosting camps 101 show.

A few days ago, Lynda went fuming in a tweet after her Instagram account was hacked. “If you are to go through all the trouble to hack into someone’s account at least post something interesting.” According to the Lynda, she revealed that the hacker threatened to out all her private videos and pictures online.

Therefore this where the Video Rumor all started. Many social media in-laws thought that the hacker released the videos and pictures after hacking into Ddane’s account. However, all this was a HOAX and there is no video. If at all you need more information about this particular story, please kindly join our WhatsApp group and your questions will be all answered.

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