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Abryanz to buy 300 Big Eye Fest 2022 tickets

Fashion icon Abryanz has today promised singer Big Eye Starboss that he will buy 300 Big Eye Fest 2022 tickets. Abryanz had earlier promised the Big Music Entertainment boss that he would buy 100 tickets in the previous year’s lockdown. Additionally, only if he had staged a concert. However, this did not happen because the entertainment industry was under suspension due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

Hmm, a quick one, singer Big Eye Starboss had been pelted at with bottles for his political beliefs, therefore he was already in lockdown before the real lockdown.

We have seen certain posts on social media gearing up threats towards the singer in case he stages any concert. However, the singer is confident that amidst all the challenges he has faced, he still has an audience that believes in his works. Therefore, he is not intimidated in any case. He stretches that come what may, he will still stage his festival dubbed Big Eye Fest 2022.

“Last year during lockdown, I promised to buy over 100 tickets if our National treasure Big Eye Starboss ever stages a concert again. Now that it’s a festival, sebbo Big Eye, allow me tripple them to 300 tickets,” Abryanz posted.

As Sabula Ug team, we wish you the very best Big Eye Starboss.

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